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Antique Silver salt cellars Description:

A type of container in the form of a small shallow bowl to hold salt at the dinner table.

Antique Silver salt cellars History:

Salt cellars have been made since Medieval times although nearly all examples from this period are now kept in museums or collections. The vast majority were made from the 18th century onwards, through the Georgian and Victorian periods, and they are still being made today.

Antique Silver salt cellars Design:

They were made in a great variety of shapes and styles, usually circular or oval, but also rectangular, boat-shaped, and polygonal. Most were made with four or three separate feet, or designed with a single pedestal foot. Decoration varied from a very plain reeded edge with plain body and hoof feet through to a heavy shell border with florally chased body and cast foliate feet. All salt cellars were made with either protective gold-gilt interiors or glass inserts, as salt is one of the few substances that can corrode silver.

Antique Silver salt cellars Collectors Note:

The first really collectable salt cellars made in the late 1600s were called Trencher salts and were made from a single piece of silver often rectangular in form with cut-corners. These are very sought after and command a high price if in good condition. For salt cellars in general always check the hallmarks very carefully and make sure that all marks are nice and clear. Make sure that the legs are in good condition with no cracks or repairs. Always take any liners out and look inside the salt again to check for repairs. Study the body closely and test for thin patches where crests and monograms have been erased.

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