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To provide a professional and fair level of service to all our customers, all antique appraisal, quotation, and photographic work will be carried out using current LAPADA recommended rates. Also we cannot appraise the item(s) from photographs alone, we must be able to see the item(s) in person. A pre-arranged appointment is necessary if you wish to have any items appraised and/or photographed professionally. Please review the following information.

Antique Silver Appraisals and Quotations

This information is intended for anybody who wishes to have an up-to-date appraisal of their silverware for insurance purposes. All antique silver appraisals are based on replacement value. The charges are based on total value OR per hour depending on the number of items and work involved:


50 per hour

Plus any reasonable expenses
Plus VAT at the applicable rate
Minimum charge 50 plus VAT.

With your silverware you will receive a typed and signed appraisal itemising your piece(s) with full description, date, maker and origin, and replacement valuation. A good quality photograph, a biography of the maker (if applicable), and an A4 envelope.

If you wish to have your items appraised please make sure that you arrange an appointment first.


This information is intended for people who are interested in photographing any of our pieces for publications, television, film, or internet web-sites. Photographic work will be charged at 10% of the item ticket price plus VAT per day. Also a cheque or credit card will be required for the full ticket price to be held as security until the goods are returned. Minimum charge 50.

If you want to know more about the History of British Silver and decorative styles then click here.

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