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Established 1992.

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Bryan Douglas Antique Silver was established in 1992, we are a family silversmith business that specialise in buying and selling good quality antique silver and old silverware. We are a full member of LAPADA (the London and Provincial Antiques Dealers Association). You can find us in the world famous London Silver Vaults, a unique location for buying and selling antique silver (see Contact Us page for directions). The sterling silver items on this site, although by no means an exhaustive list of our total inventory, can be purchased online with free shipping and insurance. Please contact us with your antique silver requirements if you do not see what you want.

As silversmiths and antique silver dealers, we also provide the following services:

The history of the London Silver Vaults dates back to 1882, when the Chancery Lane Safe Deposit Company opened for the purpose of safe-guarding private possessions and documents. Security was so good that, almost immediately, they became the favourite storage place of antique silver dealers and traders. During the Second World War the building above the vaults was destroyed, and was replaced with the site now known, throughout the world, as The London Silver Vaults. Over fifty antique silver dealers trade from individual vaults within this location making it a wonderful site to visit and buy silver items ranging from 10 pounds to 1,000,000 pounds.

Find out more about the History of British Silver and decorative styles

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