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Antique Silver photo frames Description:

A piece of silverware designed to display a photograph either in portrait or landscape format.

Antique Silver photo frames History:

The concept of a photographic frame really only came into vogue in the 1840s after William Talbot, who refined the daguerreotype, so that portraits were made readily available to the masses. However frames from the mid-Victorian period are very rare and the vast majority were made from the 1880s onwards and of course they are still being made today.

Antique Silver photo frames Design:

Many different designs were made with manufacturers vying for business and designing different styles based on the styles of each period. Most of the early Victorian frames are for portraits and it is very difficult to find frames designed for the landscape format until after the 1940s.

Antique Silver photo frames Collectors Note:

Photo frames were used throughout the house in many different settings either on mantlepieces above fireplaces, on tables, or hanging on walls. Many of the old examples are now in bad condition with damaged backs and repaired silver. Look closely at the pattern and check for holes on the high points due to years of polishing. The better quality frames were made of thicker grade silver and pinned to the frame. Make sure that the backing is original and that the easel is in good working order.

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