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Antique Silver mustard pots Description:

A small receptacle with hinged lid for serving ready-mixed mustard.

Antique Silver mustard pots History:

The earliest known examples of a mustard pot dates from 1760. Mustard was served prior to this date but in powdered form and from a caster (see cruets sets). Silver mustard pots were made throughout the Georgian and Victorian periods, and are still being made today.

Antique Silver mustard pots Design:

The vast majority of silver mustard pots were round or oval with straight sides, often called drum mustards. Some were of vase-shaped, others were rectangular, or octagonal. Occasionally they were engraved or chased in a rococo style. Antique silver mustard pots should always have internal glass liners or gold-gilding to prevent corrosion by the sulphur/and or vinegar in the mustard mix.

Antique Silver mustard pots Collectors Note:

The level of craftsmanship and their aesthetic qualities determine their value. Unusual forms of antique silver mustard pots command the highest prices. But they must also be undamaged with good clear hallmarks, crisp detail, and well-fitting lids/hinges. Pierced examples should be closely inspected for missing pieces and cracks. The lid should always be part-marked.

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