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Antique Silver grape scissors Description:

A dining table flatware accessory used to cut the stems of a bunch of grapes. Sometimes part of a set with a grapestand.

Antique Silver grape scissors History:

A 19th century invention, with the earliest examples from the Regency period, although these are very rare now. Made throughtout the Victorian and 20th century periods, and still being made today.

Antique Silver grape scissors Design:

The earlier grape shears from the late Georgian period were more like scissors with grape and vine decoration and were often gold-gilt. Later Victorian versions added either single or double rivetted steel cutting edges to the silver blades. Most of the later shears, after the 1850s, also had a flange added to one of the blades so that the chosen bunch of grapes could be passed easily to a serving plate before being severed. The decoration varied from the classical grapevine foliage though to very plain Art Deco versions. Many shears were parts of flatware sets and were made to match the pattern.

Antique Silver grape scissors Collectors Note:

If the grape shears are cast (which many of the older grapevine pattern ones are) then look closely to make sure there are no cracks. If the blades wobble or are loose then this means that the central retaining screw needs to be tightened or replaced. There should be a silver cap over the screw which is often made of a harder base metal. Both blades should have matching hallmarks in good clear condition.

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