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Antique Silver dish rings Description:

A dinner table or sideboard accessory used to support hot serving bowls and dishes, and in turn protect the table surface from damage.

Antique Silver dish rings History:

The earliest known examples date from the middle of the 18th century, although these are very rare now. The majority were made in the latter part of the 18th century and into the early part of the 19th century. They were made throughtout the Victorian period and into the early 20th century but in much smaller numbers as there were many other tableware accessories that could be used to accomplish the same thing. Often called Irish Potato rings, which is slightly erroneous, the dish ring is an unusual collectable item that is not being made today.

Antique Silver dish rings Design:

All dish rings were hand-made based on the same basic design, being a squat cylinder open at both ends, and having a concave-shaped body, which was often hand-pierced and decorated with floral motifs, figures, and animals. Most had different diameters at top and bottom to accommodate varying sized bowls. Many had glass liners added after they were made but these are not original.

Antique Silver dish rings Collectors Note:

Check to make sure that any pierced work is not damaged or cracked, and that there are no pieces missing. Inspect the applied borders at top and bottom to make sure that they have not been repaired. Early and/or pretty dish rings command the highest prices. Many Old Sheffield plated ones have been electro-plated at a later date, so be wary of these.

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