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Antique Silver dish crosses Description:

A dish cross is a stand consisting of two square-sectioned arms centrally pivoted, with adjustable legs and dish supports. The central disc often holds a burner and wick. Dish crosses were used to keep the contents of entree dishes warm (see our entree dishes page for more information).

Antique Silver dish crosses History:

There are very few examples of silver dish crosses before 1730, and most of them date between 1750 and 1800. They were made in the early 19th century but in much smaller numbers as other methods of warming were gradually introduced, such as burner stands and hot plates.

Antique Silver dish crosses Design:

The shape and decorative style of dish crosses feet and supports varies from plain circular or oval to designs based on shells. The central burners were often fairly plain with maybe a decorative rope-twist edge.

Antique Silver dish crosses Collectors Note:

The age, level of craftsmanship and their aesthetic qualities determine their value. But they must also be undamaged with good clear hallmarks (all separate parts should be marked). There are many Old Sheffield plated examples and these should be inspected critically as they are often in bad condition.

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