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Antique Silver decanters Description:

A type of decorative bottle used to hold decanted wine or fortified wine at the table.

Antique Silver decanters History:

Glass and crystal decanting bottles have been made since the late 1700s, through the Victorian period, and are still being made today. However, nearly all the Georgian decanters do not have silver necks. It is really only after about 1850 that you start to see decanters with silver necks holding the stoppers.

Antique Silver decanters Design:

Many different forms and styles were made from basic hand-cut decanters for fortified wines, through ornately frosted cut examples for the more expensive good quality wines. A very sought after decanter is the glug-glug style that makes this sound as liquid is poured out of various chambers that are hand-blown inside the body.

Antique Silver decanters Collectors Note:

The most important factor when inspecting old glass decanters is to make sure that there is no damage. Look closely at the inside of the neck, and if the body has a heavy cut look for any cracks that would otherwise be camourflaged. It is also very important to check that the stopper is original. Look at how it fits to the body and compare the colour between itself and the main body, as there should be no difference. Also the hallmarks on the silver neck should be nice and clear.

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