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Antique Silver condiment sets Description:

A matching set of small receptacles for serving salt, pepper, mustard, and other condiments such as paprika.

Antique Silver condiment sets History:

The concept of a condiment service came into vogue in the late Victorian period. Before that people bought matching salt cellars, mustard pots, and pepper pots in the same style, but not perhaps made by the same maker at the same date. Condiment services are still being made today.

Antique Silver condiment sets Design:

Condiment set designs mirrored the style of the period that they were made in. Art Nouveau and Art Deco style services are quite sort after, as most designs reflected more conservative styles. Most sets consist of at least three pieces including a salt cellar, pepper pot, and mustard pot, and many had their original serving spoons, The interiors of the salt cellars and mustard pots will either be gold-gilt or have blue-glass liners.

Antique Silver condiment sets Collectors Note:

Every piece of a full condiment service must be hallmarked and have matching marks to be considered a true set. This also applies to the serving spoons. Most sets had velvet and satin-lined presentation boxes, which should be in fair condition. Check to make sure that all lids and tops are original, all glass liners are in good condition, and that all spoons are from the same period.

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