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Antique Silver communion sets Description:

A set of, normally, three items used for the Eucharist, including a Paten, Chalice, and Flagon.

Antique Silver communion sets History:

Silver Ecclesiastical patens, chalices, and flagons have been made for nearly two thousand years, and are still being made today. The concept of a set to be used away from the church really started in the early part of the 19th century, and many travelling communion sets were made in the Victorian and early 20th century periods.

Antique Silver communion sets Design:

As a general rule their design followed the style of the period with early English pieces not really changing for hundreds of years and reflecting ecclesiastical conservatism. The paten is always similar in style with a flat plate having a pedestal foot. The chalice varied more widely from straight-sided to bellied, and the flagon was probably the piece that was altered the most varying from a straight-sided all silver style to a bellied glass body with silver top.

Antique Silver communion sets Collectors Note:

Early ecclesiastical pieces are very sought after and command high prices when they come up for sale. If you are considering purchasing an early item pre-1700 then it would be advisable to contact a specialist dealer in this field, such as ourselves. Travelling communion sets must be inspected closely to make sure that all the pieces are original and have the same hallmarks. Georgian communion sets are very rare now in original condition as most of these have been split up. The flagon or bottle that holds the communion wine should not leak.

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