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Antique Silver chambersticks Description:

A normally circular pan with carrying handle, and a centrally attached sconce for holding a candle. Sometimes with a removable extinguisher and/or a pair of scissor-type snuffers (see our scissor-snuffers page for more information).

Antique Silver chambersticks History:

There are very few examples of silver chamber-sticks before 1690. The vast majority were made in the later 18th century and 19th century. They were still made up to the 1940s but in much smaller numbers.

Antique Silver chambersticks Design:

The shape and decorative style of the pan varies from plain circular or oval to imaginative designs based on leaves. The later styles were decorated with rope-twist edges and shell corners. The early styles were characterised by very plain decoration and the absence of anything to extinguish the flame. After about 1740 they were made with an opening in the base of the sconce for a scissor-type snuffer, and/or a bracket or slot for holding a conical extinguisher.

Antique Silver chambersticks Collectors Note:

The age, level of craftsmanship, and their aesthetic qualities determine their value. But they must also be undamaged with good clear hallmarks. The pan should bear full hallmarks, and all loose pieces should be partly marked. Examples with the original extinguisher and/or scissor snuffer in place are much more valuable.

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