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Antique Silver brandy warmers Description:

A small saucepan used for warming brandy or the mulling of wine.

Antique Silver brandy warmers History:

Very rare before 1700, in there stand-alone form they were made until about 1830. After this period they were often made with a burner stand that supported the pan above a spirit lamp. They are still being made today but the silver pan is replaced with a glass snifter.

Antique Silver brandy warmers Design:

Most were designed with a round bulbous body having a flat base, an opening at the top with a sparrow-style beak for pouring, and a handle set at a right angle for ease of use. The handle was normally made of wood but some were made from ivory or bone. Some rare examples had a lift-off cover to retain the heat for a longer period.

Antique Silver brandy warmers Collectors Note:

Many of the early Georgian examples are in fairly bad condition. The body is often thin due to numerous engraving and erasing of family crests and/or monograms. The handle is often not original and has been pushed into the body. Check for cracks around the handle joint. The prices are controlled by age, quality, and condition. The condition of the hallmark being paramount.

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