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Antique Silver bowls large Description:

A silver receptacle, usually circular, designed to hold various items depending on size. Often used to hold flowers or fruit on the dining or side-tables.

Antique Silver bowls large History:

Bowls, in varying sizes, have been made from the earliest times, but it is actually very difficult to find British silver bowls from the 18th century. The vast majority are hallmarked for the 19th century and later, and are still being made today.

Antique Silver bowls large Design:

Often round but sometimes oval, bowls were made in sizes varying from a few inches across through to a couple of feet in diameter. Their width is generally greater than their height, and they often sit on small pedestal feet just to raise them off the table slightly. Many bowls were decorated with hand-chasing or engraving to reflect what they were used for e.g. flowers, fruit.

Antique Silver bowls large Collectors Note:

Many mid-sized to large bowls were used as presentation gifts and were engraved with inscriptions. If this has happened more than once some older bowls have thin spots either on the cartouches or near the rim where inscriptions have been removed. The hallmark must be clear and if there is any hand decoration it must be crisp. Check the foot to make sure that there are no repairs. Their age, level of craftmanship, and condition affect their prices, with the oldest finest bowls commanding the highest.

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